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Business Review

September 18, 2017

IBC Business Review is a dynamic program about economy and business in Kyrgyzstan. There are always several guests in the program discussing main news from the world of business and economics. Our Business Review program is not an abstruse discussion about the future of the economy, but the reaction of human beings living in Kyrgyzstan on what is happening and how that can affect the life of any Kyrgyz citizen.

Moderators and guests of the program argue and agree with each other, but the conversation is always interesting to watch - it is lively and many-sided.

Future of HR policy of Kyrgyz companies: the role of HR management in business development

Future of HR policy of Kyrgyz companies: the role of HR management in business development

Human resource management plays an increasingly important role in the development of the company. What is the role of consulting in this area? How do HR strategies help business develop?

IBC talked with Jamilya Imankulova, Founder, Managing Partner of El Group Consulting and Ainura Maksutova, HR Manager of Bai Tushum Bank.

Role of tourism in Kyrgyz economy development

On October 19, a telecast "The Role of Tourism in the Development of the Economy of the KR" prepared by the International Business Council was recorded at the Kabar IA. Azamat Jamankulov, Director of the Tourism Department under the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic, Daniyar Kazakov, General Director of the С.А.Т. tourist company, and Daniyar Mederov, IBC Deputy Executive Director participated in the discussion.

Technical regulations of the EEU: prospects and challenges for business

On September 7, a new video clip was produced as part of the joint project of IBC and the Analytical Center at the Kabar IA. Sultan Akhmatov, Head of the Technical Regulation and Metrology Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic, Ivan Geletiuk, President of the Association of Customs Brokers of the Kyrgyz Republic, and Daniyar Mederov, IBC Deputy Executive Director (moderator) participated in the discussions on the topic "Technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union: Prospects and challenges for business".

Tourist services and hotel business in Kyrgyzstan

According to Business Insider, Kyrgyzstan took the first place in the list of recommended countries for visiting. How do foreign businessmen see tourism in Kyrgyzstan? What is the potential for development of the tourism industry in the country?

We talked with Brad Brenneman, the founder of Sierra KG coffee shops network and Tufan Kobanbay, General Manager of Hyatt Regency Bishkek in IBC broadcast.

Development of the international commercial arbitration court in the Kyrgyz Republic

Is the International Arbitration Court under the Сhamber of Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic an effective tool for resolving disputes arising between domestic business entities and foreign investors? Watch our next program “IBC: Business Review” to find out about an impact of the court, advantages, and shortcomings of the entity.

Development of leasing in the Kyrgyz Republic

The previously unknown concept of "leasing" is firmly included in the lexicon of a Kyrgyz entrepreneur. In the world practice, leasing is considered to be the most effective tool for financing small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Leasing is one of the most promising forms of attracting investments in the market economy. Ulan Satyvaldiyev, General Director of the leasing company Kyrgyzstan and Arslan Khairov, Executive Director of Asia Motors, discussed this in details.

Digital technologies and development of non-cash payments in the Kyrgyz Republic

The revolution in digital technologies and innovations pushes us to reconsider the principles of economic management in Kyrgyzstan. However, is it easy to introduce non-cash payments if people have not learned how to use them yet? Galina Kucheryavaya, Legal Director of Sky Mobile LLC and Azamat Akeneev, economic expert of the Council for Business Development and Investments under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic discussed prospects and the possibilities of cellular operators in the country.

Introduction of non-cash settlements in the Kyrgyz Republic: economic effect and risks

One of the priorities of the economic policy in Kyrgyzstan is the fight against the shadow economy. It became popular as it relates to the ‘Taza Koom’ idea. The digital transformation of the country will cover all aspects of the activities of the state and its citizens, including business development. ‘Taza Koom’ aims to make the life of citizens more secure and free of corruption.

When it comes to the fight against the shadow economy, non-cash methods of payment and transactions that are based on electronic technologies increase. Watch the TV program about the benefits and risks associated with the virtual circulation of money and the prospects for such payments and transactions.

Is the situation in the construction industry in the Kyrgyz Republic changing?

Eldar Abakirov - Deputy Minister of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic, Farhad Pakyrov - Executive Director of the JIA Business Association and Daniyar Mederov - Deputy Executive Director discussed existing obstacles in the construction industry and way to overcome them.

The construction sector is one of the indicators of the economic growth. According to the latest data, the construction sector provides 7-8% of GDP.

IBC helps entrepreneurs in the construction sector with problems such as legislative restrictions, administrative barriers, long terms of issuing licensing and authorisation documents.

Linkage of business and vulnerable segments of the population in the Kyrgyz Republic

Have you ever thought what obstacles graduates from orphanage houses face when looking for a job in Kyrgyzstan? On the International Children's Day, the IBC together with Kabar News National Agency dedicated a program to the vulnerable segment of the population - orphans. The initiative "Chance" and assistance of the business sector in the implementation of the project's goals were discussed together with Alia Chynybaeva, a member of the Board of Directors of Optimumbank, Aziz Idrisov, head of the Youth Labor Trade under the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic and Lidia Chikalova, project manager at the IBC. The initiative aims at provision of work, internships, and trainings to improve the skills of graduates from orphanage house. The participants discussed the current situation in the labor market, the electronic development of the Youth Labor Trade and the rapid implementation of the project.

Can Kyrgyzstan become a country of tourism?

Очередная программа МДС совместно с Информационным агентством Кабар посвященая туризму.

Может ли Кыргызстан стать страной туризма? Исполнительный директор МДС, Аскар Сыдыков и директор Департамента туризма при Министерстве культуры, информации и туризма КР Азамат Жаманкулов обсудили возможности увеличения притока туристов в страну. На данном этапе конкурировать с Турцией и Грецией пока рано, уровень сервиса не тот, и финансовая поддержка со стороны госбюджета невелика. Но можно ли продвигать отрасль нефинансовыми вложениями?

Project of the "digital" Silk Road: benefits for the Kyrgyz Republic

We are happy to share with you a new episode of the IBC economic program organized with the help of Kabar News Agency. The program titled "Digital Silk Road project. Benefits for Kyrgyzstan". Azis Abakirov, Chairman of the Kyrgyz Software and Services Developers Association and Daniiar Mederov, IBC Deputy Executive Director discussed issues in the Information and Communication Technology sector in Kyrgyzstan.

President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev, recently speaking at the “One Belt - One Road” conference in China, proposed to implement a number of projects involving Kyrgyzstan in the framework of the One-Belt-One-Road strategy. In particular, the President called for building a technical network on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic for the construction of the digital silk route. Will this project be implemented? Watch our new episode to find out the answers to this and other questions. #ibc #voiceofbusiness

Development of mobile Internet in the Kyrgyz Republic

It is difficult to imagine our life without the Internet, mobile phones, and mobile communications. The cellular communication industry is developing rapidly in Kyrgyzstan. Today, the number of cellular subscribers exceeds the population of the country as a whole. What is the evidence of such statistics? How do we get the Internet in Kyrgyzstan? How can we diversify Internet providers? What are the obstacles on this way? Market prices for all Internet services and mobile communication are decreasing globally. What makes Kyrgyz companies keep prices high? Answers to these and other questions you will hear from experts: Commercial Director of Sky Mobile LLC - Tilek Akhmatov and Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of Information Technologies and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic - Eshmambet Amatov.

Taxation in the market of fuels and lubricants in the Kyrgyz Republic

Do you know what is the tax burden on oil traders in Kyrgyzstan? What taxes are paid by traders? Are there any estimates on tax deductions in the industry as a whole? What is the role of oil trading in the formation of the revenue of the state budget assessed by the government? This and much more in the next issue of the IBC economic program with the support of Kabar.

Business education in the Kyrgyz Republic: the role of the business community

What business-associations may offer to businessmen in the sphere of education? What is HASSP and ISO certification? How to receive these certificates of compliance? What master-classes and trainings are popular nowadays in business community? These issues were discussed by IBC Deputy Executive Director Daniiar Mederov, Vice-president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Nurlan Musuraliev and the representative of CCI Business Education Center Rustam Baltabaev in IBC's new broadcast supported by Kabar News National Agency.

Quality and price of fuels and lubricants in the Kyrgyz Republic

Did you know how prices for oil products are formed? Why petroleum products are cheaper in Kazakhstan? What revenues do traders obtain from gasoline and diesel sales? These and many more issues raised by IBC in this broadcast supported by Kabar News National Agency

Strengthening business associations in the Kyrgyz Republic

What are the challenges that associations of entrepreneurs face? Why do we need strong and self-standing business associations? What is state's intake on strengthening business-associations? These issues discussed by Deputy Minister of Economy Mr. Eldar Abakirov and Vice-president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Nurlan Musuraliev in IBC's new broadcast supported by Kabar News National Agency.