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PEAK Bishkek Business Innovation Centre to help open and expand business in Kyrgyzstan

February 13, 2020


n February 13, 2020, the official launch of the PEAK Enterprise and Innovation Programme and its first Business Innovation Centre in Bishkek was held with the participation of British Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic Charles Edmund Garrett.

The UK government, through a representative office of the UK Department for International Development (DFID), is implementing a business development program in Kyrgyzstan to open and expand a business.

The PEAK Bishkek Business Innovation Centre was created to support start-ups, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in implementing projects in various fields across the country. It is also expected that the center will have a beneficial effect on business sustainability and access to international markets. Five centers are planned to open in Kyrgyzstan over two years, and PEAK Bishkek is the first among them.


Enterprise and Innovation Programme (EIP) is a four-year initiative that helps transform entrepreneurial ideas into sustainable businesses. The programme introduces new and innovative ways to create and support highly competitive businesses, regional brands and business linkages through bringing together startups, MSMEs, business advisors and investors from the region and the globe.

MAJOR FOCUS AREAS EIP works across Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to stimulate development of startups and MSMEs. The programme also aims to largely promote innovations and support local youth, women and disadvantaged groups to enable them to build the life-changing ventures. The programme prioritizes sectors to ensure inclusive, diverse, market driven economic growth and increased employment rate throughout the two countries.

Output 1: Through establishing Business Innovation Centres titled “PEAK”, EIP will guide starting and growing businesses from initial idea and solution to a problem to product development, marketing, supply chain management, entry into new markets, and fundraising.

Output 2: EIP will improve the quality of business advisory service providers (BASPs) to ensure they are systematic, market-driven and supportive of business innovation, business growth, and business upgrades. EIP will deliver trainings, courses, workshops, seminars, e-learning modules, and other relevant content for BASPs.

Output 3: EIP will build a network of qualified BASPs and mentors to support direct connections between MSMEs, startups and BASPs. Their services will be available to companies both onsite at PEAK Business Innovation Centres, remotely, through online conferencing. EIP will also count on entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom and other countries, MBA graduates, Cambridge Judge Business School’s staff and other partners, who will provide remote mentorship via conferencing.