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Customers of Kyrgyz commercial banks can open deposits remotely

May 16, 2020

As part of measures to reduce epidemiological threats to increase the availability of financial services, a resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan “On the procedure for identifying and verifying customers remotely” was adopted on May 13.

In accordance with the resolution, the requirements for remote identification and verification of customers to provide banking services are defined.

In case of identification of the client in accordance with the requirements of the procedure for identification and verification of clients in the remote mode, opening of accounts under a bank deposit agreement shall be carried out without the personal presence of the depositor himself.

Commercial banks can conduct customer identification through photo and video communications.

At the same time, banks should use reliable algorithms for providing access, including the use of appropriate technologies for identifying and verifying the client through video communications and determining measures against unauthorized access on behalf of the client.

The Bank must ensure proper control over the preservation of confidential customer information received as a result of the remote identification procedure by continuously improving internal control processes, improving mechanisms and requirements for information security of its information resources.

In addition to the resolution, an analysis of the risks of laundering the proceeds of crime and terrorism financing during the due diligence of clients in remote servicing, prepared with the assistance of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), will be sent to commercial banks as guidelines for organizing a proper customer check.

The documents are posted on the official website of the National Bank at the link: