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Working together on judicial reform in Kyrgyzstan

March 5, 2020

Dear IBC members,

Due to increasingly frequent requests from IBC members for the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of businesses, our association is currently carrying out large-scale work to improve legislation and its application in the field of protection of investments and the rights of entrepreneurs.

This includes, but not limited to, additional taxes, inspections of regulatory and other bodies, litigation and legislative stability.

IBC's proposals in this area were announced at the second meeting of the Industry and Entrepreneurship Development Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic under the National Sustainable Development Council of the Kyrgyz Republic chaired by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic on February 12, 2020 (please read more in the analytical article on IBC website:

Many of the proposals are already underway on implementation stage.

Judiciary Reform

An important direction of this work is drafting proposals on judicial and law enforcement reform, since, according to received appeals, the provisions of the new codes that entered into force on January 1, 2019, created a number of hurdles for businesses and require improvement.

Together with members of the Expert Working Group on monitoring judicial reform (established within the frame of Presidential Decree of May 22, 2018, No. 124), IBC is currently developing proposals to improve legislation in this area. Previously developed proposals are available on IBC website.

This is a great opportunity to improve the judiciary reform, therefore we'd welcome any of your suggestions and draft amendments by 11 March on .

Improving Investment Policies

Along with investment protection, as part of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development Committee's activities, IBC planning to help with an express review of key investment and entrepreneurship-related laws and regulations and draft an Action Plan to improve the overall investment climate and business environment in Kyrgyzstan (short-term and medim-term).

For these purposes, we would also welcome any expert and resource assistance.

For additional information, please contact Sanjar Toktomambetov, IBC (+996 312 623679, 0555 145 704,

Let us once again thank you for your tremendous support of IBC in all our efforts to facilitate business ties and develop our country's economy. There are more and more things we change for the better together.

Reports on our activities are available at the link on IBC website: