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Information on insurance premium arrears can be obtained online

December 7, 2019

From December 9, 2019, a service will be launched to provide participants (suppliers) of public procurement tenders with information on insurance premium arrears electronically through a public procurement portal, the State Tax Service of the Kyrgyz Republic reports.

An electronic service will save time to visit a tax authority, and will also exclude direct contact with tax officials.

To fill in the data on insurance premiums, the tender participant (supplier), when forming a tender application through the public procurement portal, should go to the “Qualification requirements” menu and select “Competitors must fulfill their obligations to pay insurance premiums in the Kyrgyz Republic”. When you click on the "Request to the STS" button in the window that opens, the system will automatically provide information from the STS database about the presence or absence of arrears of insurance premiums.

The debt is deemed repaid upon confirmation by the divisions of a commercial bank servicing the accounts of the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic and payment is received in the DIA system.

If there is a debt on insurance premiums, the tender application of the supplier (contractor) will be rejected by the procuring entity. To successfully participate in tenders, the STS asks bidders (suppliers) to repay insurance premiums in advance before they occur.

Automated issuance of information on tax arrears and insurance premiums is carried out through the Tunduk electronic interaction system.