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The largest EAEU business forum to be held in Kyrgyzstan

July 31, 2019

The IV International Forum Eurasian Week 2019 will be held in Bishkek from September 25 to 27 at Ala-Archa State Residence.

The Eurasian Week is the largest international business forum in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Since 2016, the forum has been held annually in the capitals of the EAEU countries. In 2019, the Forum will be hosted by Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Forum’s participants and guests have a unique opportunity to work at Ala-Archa, State Residence No. 1, where the most important economic and political events of the country take place.

The Forum aims at sharing the opportunities and potential of the EAEU countries on an international scale to develop a methodology and to build up the global economy. The Forum represents a platform for developing direct B2B contacts and engaging third-country companies as prospective consumers and investors to create competitive and export-oriented products.

In 2019, the Forum focuses on summarizing the results of the first five years of the interaction between the Eurasian Economic Union and the global community. Workshops will be dedicated to defining vectors of further development, analyzing implemented cases, mechanisms planned and developed, as well as to identifying integration points of growth.

An exhibition with a primary focus on solving practical economic tasks related to integration is another highlight of the Forum. Not only companies wishing to demonstrate their achievements, but also those in search for specific business solutions are invited to participate in the exhibition. The Eurasian Week is a real venue for solving common tasks.

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The Forum's agenda attached.

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