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IWG sums up preliminary results of the subsoil use legislation inventory

May 2, 2019

On April 30, an interdepartmental working group (IWG) on legislation inventory in the field of subsoil use summed up the preliminary results of its activities.

International Business Council’s representative of is the IWG member.

Earlier, the IWG was commissioned in cooperation with the General Prosecutor's Office of the Kyrgyz Republic and the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use of the Kyrgyz Republic to conduct a full inventory of legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic regulating the sphere of subsoil use by May 1, 2019.

The legislation inventory is necessary to identify internal contradictions, legal conflicts and gaps in the legislation and possible corruption norms with the elimination of identified deficiencies. The results of the inventory will help eliminate the identified shortcomings. It was proposed to focus on the development of technical regulations.

The IWG was formed from representatives of relevant government agencies and the business community to implement the Security Council’s decision “On measures to ensure safety in the sphere of subsoil use of the Kyrgyz Republic” dated January 30, 2019.