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Business in the Kyrgyz Republic: Legal Aspects by Kalikova & Associates

This information and reference guide (updated yearly) covers the legal aspects of doing business in Kyrgyzstan. This publication was developed to help potential investors, who, having entered the market of this country, frequently face issues related to starting and running their business in Kyrgyzstan, for instance, investor protection, tax and licensing requirements, and many other regulation areas. This edition represents an attempt to answer many of these questions, but, more importantly, it is an attempt to serve as a useful reference for those who are interested in doing business in Kyrgyzstan.

You can download the latest Guides by clicking the respective link below.

Download the file «Business in the KR_legal aspects_2014_eng.pdf»

Download the file «Business in the KR_legal aspects_2012_eng.pdf»

Reference: http://www.k-a.kg/eng/business-guide

Doing Business in the Kyrgyz Republic by Baker Tilly Bishkek

This guide has been prepared by Baker Tilly Bishkek, an independent member of Baker Tilly International. It is designed to provide information on a number of subjects important to those considering investing or doing business in the Kyrgyz Republic.

You can download the Guide by clicking the link below.

Download the file «Doing Business in the KR_BTI_2014.pdf»

Reference: http://bakertilly.kg/doing-business-in-kyrgyzstan-november-2014/?lang=en

BEEPS At-A-Glance 2013: Kyrgyz Republic by the World Bank Group

The EBRD-World Bank Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS) is a joint initiative of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Bank Group. The BEEPS has been carried out in five rounds: in 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, and 2012/13 and covers virtually all of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as Turkey. The BEEPS covers a broad range of issues about the business environment, and this note presents some simple indicators for key areas.

You can download the Report by clicking the link below.

Download the file «BEEPS-At-A-Glance-2013-Kyrgyz-Republic-eng.pdf»

Reference: http://www.worldbank.org/content/dam/Worldbank/document/eca/central-asia/BEEPS-At-A-Glance-2013-Kyrgyz-Republic-en.pdf

The Kyrgyz Republic Strategic Assessment of the Economy by the Asian Development Bank

This report is part of an Asian Development Bank (ADB) policy and advisory technical assistance project, Support for Strategic Assessment of the Kyrgyz Economy to Promote Inclusive Economic Growth, which was launched in 2012. The report was written by K. Tanju Yurukogulu (tanjuy@eurasiapolicy.com), economist and the managing principal of the Eurasia Policy Associates, and lecturer at the

Department of Economics of the University of Maryland–College Park at the time of the report’s preparation; Rie Hiraoka, country director, Kyrgyz Resident Mission (KYRM), ADB; and Nina Fenton, former economist, Central and West Asia Department (CWRD), ADB. Bakyt Satybekov helped the team conduct the business survey and field research.

You can download the Report by clicking the link below.

Download the file «ADB_kyrgyz-republic-strategic-assessment-economy_2014_eng.pdf»

Reference: http://www.adb.org/publications/kyrgyz-republic-strategic-assessment-economy

Cost of Doing Business in Kyrgyzstan by JICA and CCI

This is the first publication that has condensed all the necessary information for opening and doing business in the country into one publication. The handbook shows the methods of opening an enterprise, required procedures, and the cost, licenses and permits, certificates, sizes of taxes and social payments, logistics and cargo transportation, and other items of critical business information.

You can download the handbook by clicking the link below.

Download the file «Cost of Doing Business in Kyrgyzstan_2013_eng.pdf»

Reference: http://www.krjc.kg/uploads/2014/business/COST_OF_DOING_BUSINESS_IN_KYRGYZSTAN.pdf

Doing Business Guide: Kyrgyz Republic by PricewaterhouseCoopers